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Among the many amazing characteristics of ComArtSci students is their entrepreneurial spirit.

Do you thrive on being the first to discover solutions to complex problems? Do you want to master next-generation communication technology? How about capturing imaginations as a creative storyteller using cutting-edge media?

Through the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, you will get the chance to develop the skills necessary to transform your ambitions into action.

The entrepreneurial mindset is typically seen as a set of attitudes, skills and behaviors - personality traits you need to succeed academically, personally and professionally. These include: initiative and self-direction, risk-taking, flexibility and adaptability, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving.

Sound like you? As an MSU student, you already embody this mindset and will only grow from the opportunity to enhance your skills. For these reasons, the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is the perfect complement betboom dachato any ComArtSci degree program.

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