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Michigan State University offers a carefully crafted three-course, transcriptable, university graduate certificate in serious games which can be completed either fully online or on campus through hybrid courses which meet in the classroom with an online component. The program is designed to give game designers, business people, teachers, and researchers graduate-level insight into serious game theories, serious game design, and more-than-human-centered design. Courses include Foundations of Serious Games, Theories of Games and Interaction for Design, and Understanding Users.

Our graduate certificate students include Media & Information graduate students, other MSU graduate students including MAET MA students, doctoral students at other universities interested in serious games and gamification. Our online graduate certificate students also include game industry professionals, fortune 500 and small business professionals in many different fields, museum designers, corporate trainers, university professors, and K-12 teachers with an interest in serious games and a desire to add additional knowledge and skills in this important domain.

The certificate program is available to students enrolled in any MSU graduate betboom sports bettingdegree program. It is also available to non-MSU students as a stand-alone, 3-course graduate certificate program. Either approach leads to receiving the "Serious Game Design and Research Graduate Certificate," also nicknamed the Serious Games Graduate Certificate. All three courses may be taken either as an on-campus hybrid course (section 001) or a fully online course (section 730).

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