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Scholarship Opportunities

A variety of CSD scholarships and awards are available to students studying Communicative Sciences and Disorders but the exact number of awardees and the amount of scholarship/award funds vary from one year to another. All doctoral students in the department are provided some funding (subject to them making adequate progress in their academic programs), however there are limited opportunities for undergraduate students.

To apply to any of the CSD scholarships below, please contact your academic advisor.

Graduate Research Assistantship

Graduate Research Assistantships provide a stipend, tuition and some benefits (e.g. health insurance) to students. Students on a research assistantship help faculty with their research and often work in one or more research laboratories. Students will typically work "part-time" which equates to 20 hours per week. The minimum stipend levels are typically tied to levels recommended by the National Institutes of Health. The stipend betboom sports bettingrate for 2012 is set to $22,032 per year for part-time work. The total amount of the assistantship including tuition and fringe benefit is $35,000 per year. Graduate Research Assistantships are typically reserved for doctoral students. On occasion, there is availability for master's students, however these decisions are made by faculty and no application is required.

Graduate Office Fellowship Funds

The Graduate Office Fellowship Funds are provided by MSU Graduate School to the department annually. CSD faculty nominate graduate students for these awards in the Fall semester. The awards are typically announced in the Spring semester. These funds are used to award students for their participation in research, for conference travel or for demonstrating excellence in academic or clinical performance. The department grants 10-15 awards annually. These awards range from $500 to $2,500.

Valerie V. Wenner Endowment Scholarship

The Valerie V. Wenner Endowment Scholarship was established by Robert Wenner and David Wenner in 1993, in memory of Valerie V. Wenner. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to receive this award. The award is intended to recognize outstanding educational and professional achievements of students. Preference is given to students who face difficulty in completing their education without financial assistance. This award is given by faculty vote annually in the spring semester and awardees are recognized on the basis of their academic performance as well as their financial need. Typically, only one award is made annually. The amount of the award is approximately $1,500. [Students with unusual financial circumstances, who wish to apply for these funds are encouraged to contact the M.A. program director.

Leo Deal International Enrichments Funds

betboom dachaThe Leo Deal Endowment was established by former CSD Chairperson, Dr. Leo Deal in 1994. Dr. Deal wished to support students and faculty in broadening their perspectives internationally and to share ideas from colleagues from around the globe. These funds are intended for faculty and students to seek professional and educational opportunities to further their international understanding. The number and amount of funding available varies annually. These awards are typically given to students participating in the CSD study abroad program, international student and faculty exchange programs, for international speakers/researchers to visit MSU campus or for participation in international conferences and teleconferences.

Other Scholarship and Awards for students

In addition to departmental funds, students are encouraged to investigate scholarships and awards from other sources such as the graduate school. Some additional information is listed here:

Questions? Additional information about the Communicative Sciences and Disorders Ph.D. Program may be obtained from:

Eric J. Hunter, Ph.D.
Doctoral Program Director
Communicative Sciences and Disorders Department
1026 Red Cedar Road
Oyer Speech and Hearing Building
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824