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Do you want to learn from faculty who are Pulitzer-Prize winning professionals and Fulbright scholars? Our faculty are at the top of their game and recognized leaders in the field. We are known as one of the best and most innovative journalism schools in the world. Celebrating more than 100 years of journalism education, our program is one of the few that has been continuously reaccredited since 1949.

betboom dachaJournalism is a versatile discipline built on critical thinking, communication skills, and a commitment to public service. With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from MSU, you can become an expert in written or visual forms for publishing news and other information on the web, mobile apps, social media, magazines, newspapers, books, radio, TV, public relations and other settings. Whatever way people get their news and information, journalists play a critical role.

Different Focus Areas in Journalism

Students may go different routes for studying written, visual or audio communications in media and will focus on a concentration or minor track.

They can also work on various student-produced media, including radio and TV shows, become a member of student organizations, have internships, win tons of professional awards and get job offers.

Explore the different areas below.

With this minor, you'll learn how to create characters and environments that visually represent issues, events, narrative, instruction and history through comics and animation courses. You will also learn to use critical thinking as you study storytelling content, context, ethics and the cultural, global and historical impacts of these forms for multi-media platforms and audiences.

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Want to be part of MSU’s own television station? You can even create your very own television show and do it immediately. Beginning classes host and produce daily news updates, promos and long form interview segments. You can also be a part of our award winning weekly half-hour newscast called Focal Point. 

Students in our Broadcast Journalism program consistently win state wide, regional and national awards including Best Student-produced newscast from the Emmy folks, the Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) and the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

The Documentary Production Minor will prepare you to be a part of the tradition, history, theory and production of documentary forms and modes of expression. That means film, video, audio, web, photography - any medium with which you can examine the wonder and complexity of the real world.

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Through the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, you will get the chance to discover solutions to complex problems, master next-generation communication technology, and capture imaginations as a creative storyteller using cutting-edge media.

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Michigan State University’s Knight Center for Environmental Journalism teaches students and professional journalists to effectively report on the world’s most important beat. The program provides specialized training to undergraduate and graduate students in journalism and in environmental science and policy. 

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With a concentration in Information Graphics, students will learn how to use visuals for storytelling which is sometimes easier than using text to explain a complex idea quickly.

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If you want to be a globe-trotting journalist, then international reporting is for you. Critical issues, global events, international crises and cultural storytelling are important news stories for everyone. That’s where you come in.

Learn from Pulitzer Prize winners and other experts on acceptable standards of reporting, limits on a free press, the relationship of governments with news organizations and cultural sensitivity and ethics.

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Where would we be without designers? For example, designers think about and produce how the words and visuals in a website appear together, how the pages of a magazine or newspaper look, or how the information in a flyer or poster is presented. 

This is an important job because the design of a page or a website can look enticing and make people want to read the content on the page, or it can make readers want to leave a page quickly because they are frustrated by being confronted with confusing information. 

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Media relations is an essential public relations role. Media relations managers are in charge of all communications from their organizations to the different media. They put together or approve the flow of messages in different forms, deciding the best way to communicate to different audiences and through various media channels. In many instances, a media professional is also the company spokesperson.

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If you want to become a professional photographer, then this is the place for you. Your photos will make ordinary things more interesting, and strange things even more exotic. This is visual communication that needs no words to tell a story. Shoot and betboom casino reviewedit the great photographs that help people learn about our world.

Students learn marketable skills necessary to analyze, conceive of, create and distribute powerful images, and understand how to use photography to support career objectives.

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With the Public Relations Minor you will gain a broad understanding of the role of public relations in contemporary society, as well as knowledge and experience in developing public relations materials for use in corporate, governmental and nonprofit organizational settings through public relations courses.

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The Michigan State University Sports Journalism experience is immersive, reaching from the classroom to the stadium. We teach our students the culture, skills and real-world techniques to succeed in the growing field of sports media. We take sports journalism seriously, offering a minor and a concentration, and a wide array of global student experiences such as our signature Education Abroad class to Paris and Rome. Our students put their knowledge into practice through on- and off-campus opportunities, including radio, TV, sports media relations, websites, newspapers, multimedia and social media.

Good journalism means understanding your audience and how to put words and content together, whether it’s for an investigative piece on local government or a script for a documentary. Understanding how to find information, organize data, seek out sources, and write and edit for clarity is crucial to good storytelling. And at the end of the day, there’s no doubt about it: Writing skills are marketable. Everywhere.

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Spartan Newsroom and Immersive Media Center

Using a state-of-the-art newsroom, students produce stories for news websites and for radio and TV news shows. Student work appears in the award-winning Focal Point News show and Spartan Sports Report, and has even appeared on the Big Ten Network.

The college's Immersive Media Studio offers the latest in motion capture and learning technologies for classroom collaboration, production and immersion. It invites students to collaborate, gain real-life experiences and build professional skills.

The innovative, cross-functional spaces equip students for 21st century jobs by engaging them in the development and delivery of news, animation, and immersive interactive media content involving motion capture, augmented and virtual realities.

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