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Digital communications in all of its forms demands to be integrated strategically in advertising, public relations and media. The Graduate Certificate in Digital Media is designed for working professionals seeking to expand and enhance their knowledge and skills in content creation, curation, branding communication and media strategies. The certificate program exposes students to the state of the art technology, application and communication theories. Graduates of the certification will be prepared to:

  1. Become a leader in driving technology behind marketing
  2. Develop a digital marketing strategy
  3. Apply the latest digital innovations such as mobile, social media, location based services and big data to marketing campaigns.
  4. Integrate marketing, betboom teamadvertising sales and logistics across physical and digital channels
  5. Collect, analyze and interpret digital marketing data to inform decision making.

Themes grafted in each of the courses will include:

  • Understanding the marketplace and economics of the digital world
  • Encouraging an entrepreneurial approach to thinking about new communication technologies
  • Thinking about effective information techniques and flows for corporations
  • Enhanced understanding of cultural and national differences as they play out in the global corporate communication sector
  • Rethinking current embedded corporate practice in light of new digital possibilities
  • Embrace the types of knowledge available through academic scholarship 

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Course Lineup

CAS 831: Digital Content Creation, Curation, and Promotion

This course covers the creation of content for a number of digital media including e-mail, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), and interactive media (e.g., websites). An integrated digital communication strategy requires the consideration of design and communication theories, principles, and best practices for written and visual communication.

Offered Summer Session One [May-June]

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CAS 827: Digital Media Strategies

This advanced course in digital media strategies is designed to provide an in-depth overview of new and social media marketing strategies. More importantly, the course applies advertising, consumer psychology, social psychology, and marketing to ensure the effectiveness of social media marketing strategies.

Offered Fall Semester

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CAS 835: Brand Image & Communication

In this course you will examine the power and value of branding and using consumer based brand equity to differentiate a product, service or company from its competitors. Related issues include betboom dacha dubaithe way brands are created, managed and grown, and extensions under the brand umbrella.

Offered Spring Semester

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Tuition & Financial Aid (Approx.*)

  • In-State Resident Graduate Tuition: $7,355.25 [$817.25 per credit hour x nine credits]
  • Out-of-State and International Graduate Tuition: $14,451.75  [$1,605.75 per credit hour x nine credits]

*For a detailed breakdown and the most updated version of tuition and cost-per-credit hour, visit the MSU CONTROLLER'S SITE.

The MSU StratCom graduate certificates are not eligible for federal or MSU aid, however, students may secure private loans and scholarships. Additionally, students are encouraged to check with their HR departments at work to see if any tuition assistance or aid is offered through their employment with the company. More information:

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