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The Department of Communication encourages majors to complete a communications internship in a professional field. There are more than 600 organizations on file, offering experience in public relations, mass media, politics and government, management and personnel administration, advertising, sales and marketing.

Communication majors betboom dachareport their internship experience is invaluable in teaching skills not learned in the regular classroom situation. A successful communications internship is perhaps the most important single factor in obtaining jobs and interviews, providing on-the-job experience including career education, networking and preparation for "real life." Furthermore, many interns even obtain positions with the organizations that sponsored them.

Eligibility Standards

  • You must be a Communication major.
  • You must have earned 28 credits by the time your internship will begin.
  • You must have already completed COM 240 plus one course of COM 225 or 275.
  • You must have BOTH an overall GPA of 2.5 and a minimum COM GPA of 3.0.
  • You must complete the Communication Internship Application (COM 493).

Things to Know:

  1. You may not intern in a family company or with an organization where either of your parents works.
  2. Internship credits will be given only during the semester in which you are interning; credit will not be given for previously completed intern experiences.
  3. Internship credits will not be given for internships or jobs where you have already worked before.
  4. Internships are counted as independent study credit. The maximum number of communication internship credits that you can earn toward your degree is 12. This can be split between two or more semesters or used all at one time. You must consult with your academic advisor to make sure your internship is consistent with your academic and graduation plans.
  5. Internships are graded pass/fail but coursework is expected to be at a 3.0 level to pass.
  6. For every one credit you enroll in, you must work 3 hours per week, betboom teamfor example: 4 credits = 12 hours/week, 7 credits = 21 hours/week, 2 credits = 6 hours/week.

If You Are Interested:

  1. Apply through the online application.
  2. Once you apply, email Jennifer Rumler ( to let her know you have applied and are awaiting a response.
  3. You will be notified in writing whether you have been approved. If approved, there is an Internship Sponsor Training Agreement form that must be completed by you and your internship supervisor, which becomes the agreement between you, the internship placement, and the Internship Coordinator’s office. Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement can result in a grade of "No Pass."
  4. Once all forms are submitted, an academic advisor reviews the application, then the office staff will add you directly to COM 493. You will NOT be able to add yourself to the course.
  5. You will be notified that you have been added to the course. Billing will proceed as it does for any other MSU credit, and you will then receive the syllabus once the course begins.