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Human-Centered Technology integrates human sciences with computer science to design computing systems with a human focus. Researchers studying HCTD broadly investigate how the relationship between people, groups, societies and technology can inform the design of computing systems that support human’s activities and enrich their lives. By implementing and evaluating computing systems in terms of their usability and accessibility, faculty are able to make critical inquiries into the implications of computing system’s increasing presence in people’s everyday lives

Centers and Labs

Games for Entertainment and Learning Lab designs innovative prototypes, techniques and complete games for entertainment and learning.

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The Colleges of Communication Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Nursing and Michigan State University have joined forces to create the Trifecta Initiative: a winning partnership of three innovative colleges. With support and investment from all three colleges, the Office of the Provost, and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, Trifecta is a launchpad for interdisciplinary development of innovative betboom sports bettingcomputing and communication technologies to improve healthcare and address health disparities. 

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The Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law is focused on stimulating and informing debate on media, communication and information policy for our digital age.

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