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If you're a current Advertising undergraduate student looking to get your Master's degree, the Linked Bachelor's-Master's in Advertising and Public Relations program is a way to do it with only 21 additional credits (3 semesters). (Note: Students may also apply for linked admission to the M.A. in Health and Risk Communication.)

A betboom teamfrom Michigan State University can help set you apart from the competition when you want to take the next step in your career. Learn strategic and theoretical principles of advertising and public relations, strategy, content creation, research training, leadership skills and more. Whether you are interested in continuing your academic career or entering the professional world, this program can help you gain the skills and experience you need to find success. 

Degree Details

Admission to the linked program allows the application of up to 9 credits toward the Master’s program for qualifying 400-level and above coursework taken betboom teamat the undergraduate level at Michigan State University or an external accredited institution.

The Department welcomes applications from Michigan State University undergraduate Advertising majors with at least 86 credits and a minimum 3.5 overall GPA. Admission applications must be made prior to the final semester as an Advertising undergraduate. The number of approved credits, not to exceed 9, is applied toward the credit requirement of the Master’s degree. No 400-level courses with a grade lower than 3.0 will count toward the Master’s degree. An ADV 400-level course can only be counted toward your MA program if it is taken after you have been admitted to the BA-MA linked program (you cannot count 400-level courses completed in earlier semesters. Credits obtained from 400-level pass-fail courses and internships will not count toward the degree. Credits applied to the linked program are not eligible to be applied to any other graduate degree program.

Through this program, you'll get the chance to take classes and learn from top faculty on topics like:

  • Advertising and public relations strategies
  • Digital analytics and media innovations
  • Multimedia content creation
  • Research methods and consumer insights
  • Using theory to drive strategy
  • Ethical practices and the role of AD+PR in society

Focus on Topics that Matter to You

You can create your own custom program to meet your career goals or focus on one of four rapidly growing areas of Advertising and Public Relations: Digital strategy; health, science, and the environment; social impact; or research and analytics.

Or, you can choose one of our interdisciplinary specializations:

Specialization in Nonprofit Fundraising

Set yourself apart and gain an understanding of fundraising strategies, the role of fundraising within nonprofit organizations, the role and responsibilities of the fundraising process, assist in fundraising activities and more.

Specialization in Information and Media Studies

Interested in research and media? This specialization can lead you to a professional or teaching research career in the fields of information studies and media, telecommunication or public relations, advertising or journalism.

Application Process 

Admission to the program requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.5 and completion of 86 or more credits. Admission information is found on the graduate application page.

The applicant must submit:

  1. A Graduate school application.
  2. Official copy of all transcripts.
  3. At least two letters of recommendation from Department of Advertising + Public Relations faculty members, plus one other that can be from a faculty member from another department or a work supervisor.
  4. A statement of purpose outlining academic and professional goals (be sure to note you are interested in the Linked B.A.-M.A. program).
  5. A personal statement (you could discuss any challenges you have encountered and overcome).
  6. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores, if international (unless you have attended MSU for all four years).
  7. A resume.


Questions? Advertising majors meeting eligibility requirements should contact:

Joni Tucker
Academic Programs Coordinator
314 ComArtSci