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Digital athletes at Michigan State University compete in tournaments at the collegiate level and regularly place among the top contenders.

Our student athletes train and compete like any other varsity team on campus, with multiple practices, film review and matches in a week. Our teams are provided coaching, travel to events across the country, and play from a state-of-the-art competitive esports space.

varsity esports team lined up at an event



Game Titles

The Michigan State University Varsity Esports team currently competes in betboom dacha dubai



A limited number of scholarships for varsity esports are available.

ComArtSci Esports


2023-24 Esports Roster


Name Gamertag Class Major Hometown / High School
Andrew Bultman Bu1ty 2027 Engineering Rockford / Rockford
Nicholas Dowdican Nock 2027 Undecided Shelby Twp. / Eisenhower
Justin Frick Tempoed 2027 Mechanical Engineering Novi / Novi
Brenden Heughens Brendini 2025 Supply Chain Management Rochester Hills / Rochester
William Lewis Rocketman 2024 Finance Grand Rapids / Rockford
Bennett Marr Marr 2025 Electrical Engineering Okemos / Okemos
Matthew Munson M52 2024 Information Science Rochester Hills / Stoney Creek
Owen Rodziczak Pizza 2027 Finance Macomb / Utica



Name Gamertag Class Major Hometown / High School
Julian Alonso Crash101 2026 Animal Science Detroit / Detroit Cristo Rey
Rodrigo Arce Arkdee 2026 Economics and Finance Lima, Peru / Colegio Santa María Marianistas
Rowan Clark Aster 2027 Advanced Mathematics Itasca, IL / Lake Park
Andrew Farrell Drewish 2027 Business Holland / West Ottawa
Callum Gross Cal 2026 Physics Oxford / Oxford
Adam Ismaili-Alaoui Suspect 2026 Computer Science Kalamazoo / Loy Norrix
Collin Landers Pikz 2025 Economics Tinley Park, IL / Victor J. Andrew
Ryan Marcus Rydra 2027 Exploratory Studies Centennial, CO / Arapahoe
Dyson Mingo Dice 2026 betboom sports bettingEnvironmental Sciences and Sustainability Bloomfield Hills / Seaholm
Daniel Weatherspoon Hawk 2023 Astrophysics Ypsilanti / Huron



Name Gamertag Class Major Hometown / High School
Ammar Al Saadi Frqdo 2027 Computer Science Madison Heights / Madison Heights
Benjamin Forbes Sting 2026 Computer Science Grand Rapids / East Kentwood
John Harris Frog 2025 Computer Science Ann Arbor / Pioneer
Sanghoon Kim Renaissance 2026 Computer Science Rockville, MD / Thomas Wooton
Eric Luo Kaktus 2024 Mechanical Engineering Auburn Hills / International Academy West
John Masterman Slammed 2026 Computer Science Glenwood, MD / Glenelg
Calder Munro Moonro 2025 Mechanical Engineering Farmington Hills / Farmington Hills
2024 Valorant team: John Masterman, Eric Luo, Ammar Al Saadi, John Harris, Calder Munro, Sanghoon Kim, Benjamin Forbes



Christopher Bilski  Contact

Content and Production Coordinator

Jono Eaton  Contact

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Grayson Harding, Coach  Contact

Rocket League

James Jordan, Coach  Contact


Interested in trying out for the varsity esports team? Submit the interest Form

Upcoming Esports Events



Event Date Location/Conf. Results
Riptide 9/7–11 Sandusky, OH (2nd)
SSBU VS Aquinas College 9/15 NACE W, 2-0
Valorant VS Boise State University 9/22 NACE W, 2-1
Confluence Festival 9/23 Grand Rapids, MI (1st)
Valorant VS University of South Florida 9/25 NACE W, 2-1
Rocket League VS University of Southern Mississippi 9/25 NACE W, 3-0
Rocket League VS University of Kansas 9/25 NACE L, 2-3
Valorant VS University of Mississippi 9/27 NACE W, 2-0
SSBU VS Akron University 9/28 NACE L, 1-2
Rocket League VS Boise State University 10/2 NACE  
Valorant VS Old Dominion University 10/4 NACE W, 2-0
SSBU VS Baldwin Wallace University 10/5 NACE W, 2-0
Get Cooked 10/7 East Lansing, MI  
Rocket League VS Iowa 10/10 BEC W
SSBU VS Iowa 10/11 BEC W, 2-0
Valorant VS Iowa 10/12 BEC  
Rocket League VS Purdue 10/17 BEC L, 1-3
SSBU VS Purdue 10/18 BEC W, 2-0
Valorant VS Purdue 10/19 BEC W, 2-1
Big House 10/20–22 Ann Arbor, MI  
Rocket League VS Northwestern 10/24 BEC W, 3-0
SSBU VS Northwestern 10/25 BEC W, 2-0
Valorant VS Northwestern 10/26 BEC L, 0-2
Rocket League VS USC 10/31 BEC W, 3-0
SSBU VS USC 11/1 BEC W, 2-0
Valorant VS USC 11/2 BEC W
Rocket League VS Rutgers 11/7 BEC L, 1-3
SSBU VS Rutgers 11/8 BEC  
Valorant VS Rutgers 11/9 BEC W, 2-1
Rocket League VS Maryland 11/14 BEC L, 3-2
SSBU VS Maryland 11/15 BEC  
Valorant VS Maryland 11/16 BEC L, 2-0
Pantheon POSTPONED East Lansing, MI  
Rocket League VS UCLA 11/28 BEC W, 3-1
SSBU VS UCLA 11/29 BEC W, 2-0
Valorant VS UCLA 11/30 BEC W, 2-0
NACE Grand Finals 12/1–3 Boise, ID (2nd)
Rocket League VS Michigan 12/5 BEC W, 3-0
SSBU VS Michigan 12/6 BEC W, 2-0
Valorant VS Michigan 12/7 BEC W



Event Date Location/CONF. Results
Rocket League VS Indiana 1/16 BEC  
SSBU VS Indiana 1/17 BEC  
Valorant VS Indiana 1/18 BEC  
Hawaii Invitational 1/24–29 Waikiki, HI  
Rocket League VS Ohio State 1/23 BEC  
SSBU VS Ohio State 1/24 BEC  
Valorant VS Ohio State 1/25 BEC  
Rocket League VS Nebraska 1/30 BEC  
SSBU VS Nebraska 1/31 BEC  
Valorant VS Nebraska 2/1 BEC  
Rocket League VS Minnesota  2/6 BEC  
SSBU VS Minnesota 2/7 BEC  
Valorant VS Minnesota 2/8 BEC  
Rocket League VS Illinois 2/13 BEC  
SSBU VS Illinois 2/14 BEC  
Valorant VS Illinois 2/15 BEC  
Rocket League VS Wisconsin 2/20 BEC  
SSBU VS Wisconsin 2/21 BEC  
Valorant VS Wisconsin 2/22 BEC  
Rocket League VS Penn State 2/27 BEC  
SSBU VS Penn State 2/28 BEC  
Valorant VS Penn State 2/29 BEC  
GrizzDen Invitational Feb. TBD Rochester, MI  
Midwest Esports Invitational March TBD Chicago, IL  
Boost on the Beach March TBD Myrtle Beach, SC  
Big Ten Championship April TBD TBD  
NACE Grand Finals TBD TBD  
MHSEL Finals 4/20–21 East Lansing, MI  
Pantheon TBD East Lansing, MI  



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